Dealing with Homesickness – stones that can help

Most of us have experienced the heartbreak of being homesick. Oftentimes it is a longing for home that we feel after going off to summer camp or maybe even Grandma & Grandpa’s house. We realize that “there’s no place like home”, to quote Dorothy as she came to this realization in The Wizard of Oz. But in this post I am writing about a different kind of homesickness, the kind that happens to those of us who “wake up” and realize that we are souls in a human body, not the other way around. Memories of our true Home in the spirit world  start to come through, and we feel the challenges and harshness of earthly life with a painful sensitivity.

I have found a combination of stones that can help with this unique type of Homesickness, to ease the pain a bit and help us focus on the earthly path we chose to encounter. Even though living life from our souls while we are here is an important task, the strain of missing the place of all unconditional love and light can deter us from the love we should be seeking here.

Grounding is important, as well as feeling comfortable in our earthly bodies. Two stones that can help with this are Aragonite and Smoky Quartz. Aragonite is a stone that helps with stress, as well as being a great grounding stone that helps in a stabilizing way to ground and center within the body. It is a stone that will help you feel comfort in your own body, and restore imbalance. Smoky Quartz is similar to Aragonite in its anti-Homesick properties, as it also helps to ground, calm and find acceptance with the physical body.

The other two stones I use are Moldavite and Sugilite. Moldavite is considered to be an important New Age stone, as it is said that it originated from a meteorite strike. Moldavite acts in the manner of helping with the oversensitivity that many experience who wake up to their true selves. It will help in dealing with the emotional side of being human, helping to come to terms with suffering that occurs here on earth. Moldavite will also assist in detaching from the worries of earthly life, such as money concerns or constant worry about the future. Sugilite is quite similar to Moldavite, in that it also helps sensitive souls come to terms with earthly life without becoming despondent. It is a wonderful stone of love that helps people who don’t feel at home here on earth to feel loved and accepted here. Another benefit it brings is to help the soul remember why it came here, and it will assist in answers to questions about who we really are and what do we need to learn.

When I use these lovely stones, I place Sugilite on my third eye chakra, Moldavite on my heart chakra, and I hold Aragonite and Smoky Quartz in my hands. I will meditate in this way for about 20 – 30 minutes. Quite often I will feel my heart chakra open up and become flooded with love, as my heart begins to heal. And once more, I am able to carry on here, as I follow my path in this earthly realm with renewed love and strength.


Smoky Quartz







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